Tuesday, December 17

Last Blog Post

Room 17 filled with PRIDE,
But now this is our final ride,
Now it’s time to head out the door,
and then let your mind soar,
My time is up all my friends,
But our friendship will never end,

One of my favourite parts of the year was going to the year 6 social. It was wonderful. It was really fun learning lots of new moves. My favourite was Wellington Cuddle. Paige and I got sixth place in the partner rock and roll and first place for back to back, sit on the knee or proposing.
Another thing I liked was the mathletics. I was able to make 2 amazing creations better than the ones I made last year. I also enjoyed coming second in the New South Wales math test.
But out of all these amazing things, the thing I liked most was making new friends.

As soon as the school year started,
I’d hoped that we never parted,
Although we leave this class,
In our hearts it’s spirit won't pass,
One day we’ll meet again,

you will forever be my friends.

Wednesday, November 27

The Curse Of Feram Elementary

Part 1

The air around me turned black. They were near. I ran and ran. Then I saw the shack I must stop them. I froze. They caught me. I my nails got sharper, my hand turned red. The red started consuming me. The clouds swirled around me like a tornado. By now the red was up to my neck. I was going to turn into one of them, a death bringer.

“Mum, do we have to move house!”
“Yes honey, this costs to much,” I hate moving house. All the unpacking, driving you know all that stuff. But this was worse. We were moving to a whole new town. It wasn’t that big. There was a sign that said “WELCOME TO FERAM”, a library, a cafe, a row of old house’s, a farm, a school but there was an unusual looking hill. There was just something about it that gave me the creeps. I looked around. There was a shack. It was old and run down. I looked carefully into the window of the shack from the car. There was a red figure with boney fingers and sharp nails.
“Where here, our new house!” Instantly I hated it. There was smashed glass, holes in the walls, cracks in the roofs. But the worse thing of all was the fact that we lived there.

I raced inside to see if was any better. But It wasn’t any better. Cobwebs everywhere, doors coming off of there hinges and smashed lights. I found a old bed with torn sheets and went to sleep.

Tuesday, November 12

How To Safe Cycle

Why cycle? Cycling is a fun activity fit for the whole family but you must be safe. This report will tell you how to be safe on the road, the safety checks for a bike and other useful tips for cycling.

Before you go riding it helps to have a sheet of paper describing what it looks like incase it gets stolen. First write down the design and creators of your bike. Also write down the different colors of it. Then turn your bike upside down and you will find an ID code. It would be better if you bought a bike with the ID code engraved into it other than just stuck on because a robber could scratch it off. Just incase write down the markings you have made on it. Whether it's stickers or scratches it helps to write them down.

When you cycle it would be good to wear clothes that will help. To be seen while cycling wear a bright shirt or jacket. You also have to wear a properly fitted helmet. It must be the right size and in good condition. To check that it is properly on get someone to whack it while it is on your head. If it moves you need to tighten it, if stays put it’s fine. Incase you fall over try wear some elbow and knee pads because that is where people get hurt on bikes most. Lastly tie on some broken in sneakers. If you go barefoot the pedals will hurt you.

Now for the safety checks. Firstly to be able to move make sure that the tyres are pumped. Check for any rust on your bike. Rust could make you bike ride bad wherever it is. Make sure every joint isn't loose otherwise it could come apart at any second. To make sure the gears are working hop on your bike and get someone to watch you. While doing this, change the gear if the chain moves up or down it works if not, you need to get it checked by a professional. Now check that you have light reflectors on your pedals and wheels. The reflector on the back wheel should be red or orange other wise people in cars will think you are another car coming towards them. When you sit down check that the seat is at the right angle and height because if it is uncomfortable you might go off track and crash. Now flip the bike over and spin both wheels and pull the brakes. If they stop that's great if they don’t you need to get them checked.

Now you need to learn the rules for when you’re out on the road. Stick to the bike track, if there isn't one go to the car park. To avoid being hurt you need to learn the arm signals. To tell someone your going left put your left arm out. If you want to go right put you right arm out. To stop put your fingers together bend your hand up and put your arm out in front of you. Also remember to pull your brakes to let cars and pedestrians past. If you want to pass a parked car or another biker always look to your left. If there is no cars behind you you can pass but if there is wait for it to pass. Also remember to check for people coming out of driveways and cars.

Now you know how to be safe on the road. Did you know if you bike for a hour you burn 600 calories. That's 100 calories every 10 minutes! If you want to keep your bike extra protected buy a bike lock. You can buy ones that have codes or keys. If you buy one that has a code always scramble the numbers up.  If you have one that uses a key, keep the key with you or hidden. If you are practicing on the footpath, buy a bell. It will help get people out of the way.

Balloon In A Bottle

Can you blow up a balloon in a bottle?  This experiment answers that question. You can also use this science experiment to trick and amaze people.
1 Bottle
1 Balloon
1 Nail

  1. Strap the balloon on to the mouth of the bottle so that the rest of the balloon is inside the bottle.
  2. Now blow into the balloon. It should be quite difficult.
  3. Stick the nail into the bottle anywhere around the sides.
  4. Now blow up the balloon. It should be much easier.
  5. Now put your finger onto the hole. You should notice that the balloon shrinks.

Why it happens:
Once you seal the bottle with the balloon the air particles are trapped in it needing lot’s of space. When you blow into the balloon they take back the space. But when you put the hole in it they have more space to go. Once you put your finger on the hole the need the space making the balloon shrink.

So the answer depends on if you’ve got a hole in it or not. Remember there are many more fun and exciting experiments like this and lots of them just use things that you can find around the house.

Tuesday, November 5

Ping Pong Hair Dryer

Today my class tried an experiment to learn about gravity and force.
The gear we needed was a hair dryer and some ping pong balls.
First we made predictions for what will happen if we put a ping pong ball on a running hair dryer. Mine was that the ball would float and then fall off. We flicked the hair dryer one and put the ping pong ball on. It kept bobbing all around the place. It stayed on until we turned it off. So I was right about it floating but not it falling.
It is caused by the force of the hair dryer fighting against gravity. The gravity causes it to move around and not go up high. But the hair dryer keeps it up. It doesn't fall because of the amount of air surrounding it is bigger than the ping pong ball.

Thursday, October 31

Science Report

Splitting Procedure
& Explanation
2 x lemonade or coke bottles,                                   
2 x  large buckets                                                         
2 x normal shaped balloons
Hot water
Cold water

  1. First pour the hot water into 1 of the buckets about half way, do the same with the cold water and the other bucket.
  2. Now strap the balloons onto the mouths of the bottles.
  3. Now to start the experiment make the bottles completely immersed in the water.
  4. Now observe the two different balloons. The balloon in the hot water will start to rise and the other won’t. The balloon that is in the cold water might start to shrivel.

Why It Happens

It is caused by the air particles. In the cold water they are in a state of inertia. But in the hot water they need to expand. They move around looking for more space causing them to move into the balloon. When they expand, the balloon expands.